This season, for the second year in a row, the only allowed VTX is the : Tramp HV (EU) by ImmersionRC. A condition of participation in the championship that raises many questions from some pilots. To answer and close this debate, here are the main reasons that motivated this choice.

We would like to point out that we currently have no commercial or sponsorship partnership with ImmersionRC.

1. Experience & History

This rule is not new. It was implemented last year by the former organizing team. The goal was to choose a consistent video setup to simplify this aspect of the competition and save time. Less setup, more flight time.

The result was a real success. Nearly 50 pilots participated in the competition with very few video problems throughout the season. So most pilots are already equipped with Tramps.

2. IBPT & Belgium’s Laws

As you know, our hobbie is subject to strict regulation. In particular, on the power of vtx, on the authorized frequencies and on the necessary CE certification. By strictly following the law, even the HV Tramp (EU) is not fully compliant given the possibilities it offers.

This is why we are in discussions with the IBPT and ImmersionRC to offer a solution allowing us to organize a championship that respects the legislation.

These steps take time. That is why, under the current conditions, we must focus on a first viable and legal solution.

3. New organisation & Timing

The third reason for this choice is related to the organizational conditions of this new season. You are not unaware that a deep change took place this year giving us little time to rescue and organize the F3U championship.

In this context, and the strict conditions of IBPT forcing us to work with a manufacturer to be within the legal norms, we decided to keep a unique formula that proved its worth last year.

Future alternatives

However, we are aware that other excellent alternatives exists (TBS Unify, FuriousFPV Stealth Race, etc.). And we will work in the future to consider opening the championship to other video systems. But for now, there will be no exceptions.

Now that you know : share the good word, be respectful and fair play. Support your national championship and the team of volunteers by playing by the rules. Remember that all our choices are made for you.